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SP3 Not waking from sleep, fan running


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I did a search and couldn't really find any information so here i am posting.

So, this has happened a couple times.

I have put the tablet to sleep, when i go to use it again the screen will not turn on. I hear the fan running and when i press the windows button on the SP3 i feel it vibrate but nothing. I usually hold down the power button and restart the machine. I had similar problems on my SP2, with it turning on while in sleep but the screen always went on. I am considering going back and enabling hyper V and just put the machine into hibernate but i see mentions of the pros and cons. I did try it over the weekend and the main con i encountered was my wifi not enabling automatically...

Any input/thoughts/experiences?


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I would look at the process running in the background. Updates, anti virus etc. I think something is not completing which is hanging you up.


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I have a similar issue when I close the keyboard and put it to sleep. I can hear the fan working, the haptic feedback works and the keyboard lights up but the screen doesn't turn on. Any ideas?