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Solved SP3 multi-mon dpi scaling tweak


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hello all,
i hope the OP still monitors this thread as i see it is slightly old. i have an SP3 and i use it in the SP3 dock in landscape mode with 2 dell 19" monitors side by side behind it. i have windows 10 latest updates on it

is this workaround still capable? does it work for windows 10? are the instructions still correct? what driver should i download? sorry for all the questions but i read the whole post and different driver locations are mentioned. also... i seen on another page a "reg hack" is mentioned. if i use the reg hack do i still have to download different drivers?

again sorry for all the noobish questions but just want the thread (and myself) to be up to date as possible


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Not multi-monitor related but I had used the registry entry referenced in this thread and elsewhere to add the custom resolutions to my SP3. Those entries have now disappeared from the list of supported resolutions. I think it has happened since I updated Windows 10 (company standard image). I was using 1728x1152 which was perfect for my needs.

Any idea how I can get the resolution back. Has there been an update that has affected the reg key with newer versions of Windows (or drivers)?

FIXED: I rolled back my driver and the resolution is available again.
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mmenzie, sorry for the delay, I don't check in here that often. Were you able to follow the directions on the blog article?
Hi-dpi Multi-mon with Surface Pro 3 – dpi-scaling tweaks

Ruudfood, glad you got it resolved. It is possible to get it all working with the latest Intel drivers using the custom resolution tool, but it is rather cumbersome. There aren't many changes in the Intel Haswell GPU drivers in the last 6-months to warrant updating the driver version IMHO, so if the old driver plus regkey works, stick with it.