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SP3 - No audio when connecting to TV


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I've set up my Surface Pro 3 so that it connects to my TV via the display port and while the Video plays back perfectly fine, the audio does not - it only plays back through the Surface. Specifically this set up is: display port to hdmi converter and hdmi into the TV.

The playback device once plugged in still works for the Surface Pro 3 itself, but when I try and select the TV audio's device, my Surface Pro's video lags tremendously and the audio fails to ever work.

With this same set up, I've plugged this into a Macbook Pro and the audio and video works fine so I don't believe the issue is with the TV or the cabling, but specifically with the Surface Pro 3.

Does anyone have any experience or insight with regards to this?


Not much use, but as a data point I use a direct display port to HDMI cable, which works fine with my SP3 and any number of hotel room TVs. I have noticed that sometimes I need the SP3 booted & logged in and the TV turned on when I plug the cable in for the video to register, but not had any trouble with sound.

Are you using any particular media player? Both VLC and Netflix work fine.
Do you have the right codecs? I use the full K-Lite codec set (and VLC as a back-up) and my videos play and sound perfect on the TV (via display port > HDMI cable) or projector (same set-up).