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Solved SP3 - Orientation is locked


Hi all.
For about the last 10 days my SP3 has been unwilling to auto-rotate, and I've exhausted my web searching skills.
Things I have eliminated/tried:
  1. Rotation Lock is not on
  2. Every conceivable option in the Display Settings area
    (to be clear, I can manually set portrait/landscape normal/flipped, and it obeys)
  3. Reboot, including power+vol-up option
  4. Logged in as different (Administrator) user
  5. Surface Diagnostic App from the store
    -I note the app in the store doesn't seem to have an orientation sensor test
    -A prior test application referenced here Microsoft Surface Diagnostic Toolkit (Surface) sounds like it did have a test for the sensor, but the current download appears not to.
  6. Looked for sensors in Device Manager that search results suggested (expecting broken driver) - not actually there
  7. Enabled any Services that sounded like Sensors that weren't already running
Any other suggestions, and/or does anyone have a source for the previous diagnostic tools?



Update : confirming that a full reset in the course of the fall creator's update has resolved this.
For anyone else finding this in search, suggest that a factory reset may work.