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Orientation Sensor not working + Can't reinstall Win8


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Hi, I have bought a second hand Surface Pro. However there is an issue with the Surface Pro: the orientation sensor doesn't seem to work, so when I rotate the Surface the screen doesn't rotate with it.

The Surface Pro is installed with Windows 8.1.

I've tried the following:

- I've searched the forums, someone suggested to press Volume+ and power button simultaneously, which sort of resets it. I was told it is supposed to reboot itself twice. So I did, I pressed Vol+ and power, the unit did powered down and then powered back up. (I was told that I should keep pressing vol+ and Power at this point, until it reboots again) However it just freezes there. So I had to let go of the buttons, and powered on the Surface again again but nothing seems to change. The screen still doesn't rotate.

- I tried testing the sensors by downloading the Sensors Troubleshooter (http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=267763)

NONE of the Sensors can be detected, so I tend to believe its a software/driver issue rather than hardware.

- I tried to restore the Surface to its factory settings.

I took a look at the partitions in Administative Tools. But all I see it a 300MB parition, and the rest of it is the Windows 8 Partition. So I assume the seller has wiped off the recovery partition.

- I then tried to install the Surface Pro from a USB drive.

I tried to restore Windows 8 from a USB Disk (In Control Panel -> Update and Restore), however when I inserted the USB Drive containing Win 8 setup files, Windows keeps prompting me the USB Flash does not have the necessary files.

The USB Drive is created with the Windows 7 USB download tool + win8 ISO image I have downloaded.

So at this point I am pretty stuck and perplexed.

Does the Surface Pro require a different set of installation files? Do I need to install extra drivers? I looked in device manager and I don't see any exclamation marks at all.

Any advice is greatly appreciated, thanks!!!


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You will need a FAT32 formatted USB drive, the easiest way to create recovery media is to mount the ISO then from an elevated CMD Prompt use this command (example uses the mounted ISO as "D:" and the FAT32 USB Drive as "E:")

xcopy d:\*.* /e/f/s e:

After that you have fully functional bootable Windows 8 install media...