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SP3 pen question,please help


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Sometimes the touch pen works fine, but sometimes it can not wok suddenly . When this problem occured, it might work fine latter, or it might not work for a long time.
I had replace a new battery, and I had do all the updates, but this problem still occured, even I uninstalled and reinstlled the driver.
The surface hub app always shows "Surface Hub can not conncet to the pen device", no matter what I do that others teached from the google.
Can anyone please help me?


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If all your drivers are up-to-date and batteries are fine, then it could just be a matter of getting a faulty pen. Some people on this forum have simply exchanged pens to see their problem go away.


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My boss has a Pen where everything works but the top button. It works to connect but the opening of one note and the double click to screen capture isnt working.