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SP3 pen stopped working; touch screen and HTC pen issues


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  1. My SP3 pen suddenly stopped working today. I've never really used the BT button, and always keep the SP3 in airplane mode with WiFi on to save battery. So, that BT battery is most certainly not the issue. Replaced the AAAA battery with the one from my replacement HTC stylus, which is also new and works with the HTC stylus itself. No luck there either. SP3 can pair with the SP3 pen's BT, but no response when trying to use the tip.

  2. I'm also seeing a particular issue when writing. There would be times when the stroke would skip. I thought it was a SP3 pen issue. But now that I have to use the HTC pen, I'm noticing the same problem. Once in a while there would be gap in a stroke. Not sure if I am not pressing down hard enough or what. I try to press lightly to get a faster glide.

  3. Also, the HTC pen seems too sensitive. Sometimes it would draw fine strings when the tip is too close to the screen but not touching- like when going from letter to letter, or dotting the i.