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SP3 touch screen not working


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Realized it when I was trying to open a new tab without the keyboard. I could not tell you when this first happened because I usually use it with the keyboard but the very top of the screen is not responding to touch but the rest is fine.

Never dropped.
Screen is not cracked.
It is on factory calibration for the screen.
And I skipped right to the last step which is to do a factory reset. I didn't have much on it so I started over.

Unless someone is going to tell me something magical I figure I need to return it. But has anyone else had this issue?


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Same case with my surface 2. Except the only part of the screen working is the windows capacitive buttons.

Joerg Furrer

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I have the same issue. On the top left corner of the screen, touch doesn't work.
Pen yes, but Touch no.
I tried everything without success (restart, updates, clean).

Had anyone made the experience, things will solve on its own?


I'm now getting the same issue - an (approx) 2 inch strip, about an inch in from the left of the display, for the full height of the display, has stopped responding to touch (though it's fine with the pen). When horizontal with the full on-screen keyboard open, this corresponds approximately to the column covered by letters A,S & left side of the D key. It's very annoying, I keep having to pick up the pen to enter even simple sentences when not using it just as a tablet. The areas of the screen either side of this vertical strip are fine to touch, so I doubt it's calibration error (& as I said, the pen works fine all over).

Anyone found any solution, or is it going to mean a (costly) repair?