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SP3 w/ 2 External Monitors


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I've been slightly offput by my experience with this device:
  1. Purchased the SP3 dock to get 2x external monitors
  2. Attached two external ASUS 1080P monitors over HDMI
  3. Every time the surface went to sleep in the dock in this configuration it crashed
  4. I thought "well this sucks, at least I can sleep the monitors and not sleep the computer"
  5. I discovered that doing a monitor sleep without computer sleep has been disabled via Connected Standby and the only solution is a regedit which is a huge hack and removes sleep functionality entirely.
Has anybody found a solution to this disaster?


i dont have a link handy but there are numerous threads on this issue here. sadly its known and i have this setup as well. i have mine not to sleep when plugged in. works for me because i generally am using it dock during work hours and then charge easily lasts until i put it back in dock again.


Enable hyper v and you lose connected stand by but you can at least have your monitors shut off after X amount of time. Or maybe you can turn off connected stand by without enabling hyper V. I really didn't play much with it.

If you're docked, I find there's very little need for connected stand by.... You're not really using the start screen when docked anyhow cause you're likely working in desktop mode.