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SP3 and SP4 Dock: dual monitors do not awaken from sleep


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Using SP3, WIN10, SP4 Dock, and dual Dell U2415 monitors.

All updates installed, all drivers up to date.

Using my SP3 with the SP4 Dock for the first time, today.

Problem is waking the SP3 and monitors simultaneously doesn't work.

When I awaken the SP3 from sleep the SP4 Dock (brick) does not allow for the monitors to awaken.

There must be a setting that can allow for this.

I contacted MS Surface customer support and Shay had me do a few starts, restarts, and stuff like that but the problem persisted.

One thing that works is if after I awaken the SP3, I unplug the power adapter (brick) from the SP3 and wait ten seconds, replug the brick into the SP3 and the two monitors awaken.

This seems like a bad solution, yet has repeatedly worked.

Has anyone solved this dilemma?

I suspect it is a simple switch in settings but do not know what setting to adapt.

Please advise.


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And I have noticed, since the connections with the SP4 brick the fan on the SP3 is running off the charts.

Please advise if any of my experiences with the SP3 and SP4 brick (Dock) are considered "normal".