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SP3 woke up in folio case


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So, I put my SP3 in its folio case after using it for a bit at the mother-in-law's. It was put to sleep as normal when I closed the Type Cover. When I got home, it was awake, the fan was running, and it was warm.

I was really hoping the SP3 wouldn't display this behavior. That's something that always bugged me about my MacBook Air, which was prone to wake up; one time I pulled it out of its slip cover and it was hot enough to burn skin (or so it felt at the time). I always wondered from that point on if it had been damaged.

So, just FYI: it IS possible for an SP3 to wake itself up for whatever reason. If you keep it in a slip cover or other case, that could be a concern. I'm hoping this was an aberration, or perhaps Microsoft has more work to do on the firmware. If it's an artifact of Connected Standby, then I'd rather just have the SP3 hibernated or shut down (which I might do from now on when I'm putting it in the case). It cold boots fast enough that I'd rather go that route than take a chance on it getting damaged from excess heat.

On that note, what's everyone's thoughts on the probability of an SP3 actually getting damaged in this scenario? Should the SP3 throttle down to the point where heat wouldn't be an issue if it turns on in a relatively enclosed space? Just curious--I don't think mine was hot enough to be concerned about, but this is a pretty significant investment, so...


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It's been an issue on pretty much every Windows 7 & 8 laptop I've owned, but not on regular desktop PC's. My SP2 has the issue as well. I got around it by changing whatever made Standby happen (close cover, power button, time-out, etc) to invoke Hibernate instead. Being a SSD, it resumes from Hibernate faster than most hard drive based PC's wake from Sleep. My SP2 hasn't once started on it's own from Hibernate.
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Unfortunately, you have to go to some lengths (specifically, turn on Hyper-V or somesuch in the BIOS) to enable hibernate (and turn off Connected Standby) on the SP3. By default, there's no hibernate option... I might just do that, however, to avoid the possibility of frying this thing.


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This is why I don't trust connected standby and would rather have the power button put the computer into hibernation mode.


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I would recommend to do the workaround to enable Hibernation and Hibernate. Connected Standby sometimes fail. In my Surface 2 around two times in 11 months.


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I would recommend to do the workaround to enable Hibernation and Hibernate.

I must've missed this one, do you have a link? I haven't had this issue since I reset my SP3, but I'd love to know how to do this myself ^^


I don't trust Sleep on my Surfaces (Both the 2 and the 3). I put it to Hibernate when I travel with it. Hiberate on these things is lightning fast to boot up. Last thing I want is for 30% of my battery to be gone by the time I get to work, and for my Surface to feel like a furnace struggling to breathe.

Curiously, I never noticed these issues on my Macbooks, unless they were in a funky state where the OS wasn't responding when I closed the lid (happened twice in the 5 years I've used Macbooks). But this happens all the time on my Surfaces and my Windows laptops prior to that. Moral of the story, do not trust sleep when you travel.