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SP3 woke up in folio case


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On my SP2 I added Restart and Power tiles (used OblyTile to do it) and just power down with one finger tap. I also changed what happens when you close lid under the power settings, set it to shutdown when the lid is closed (keyboard is closed).


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Nice trick, thanks. Any way to not have the cmd box open when you restart?
Actually, that's a good question. The "/k" parameter should keep the command window open, but on mine doesn't seem to do so.

Anyways, try putting "/c" instead, and it shouldn't be there. Please let me know if that works; if it does, I'll update the post to offer that as an option.


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I'm going to chime in, I haven't had my SP3 "wake" while in transit, I also don't use the power button to put it into CS, I just close the cover and slide it into my sleeve....


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I posted about this separately as well, but I'll add it here: it's possible that I accidentally hit the power switch when I put the SP3 in the case. I've noticed that the power button takes less than a second of depression to wake the SP3, and I've found myself accidentally hitting it and waking up the machine.

I don't know if anyone else agrees, but it seems like the power button responds too quickly (and/or is too easily depressed). Thoughts?
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