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Sp3 - zero decibels fan rumor!!

Enrico D.

I'm just too happy of Sp3.

After I fixed some windows 8.1 buy with some process like SYSTEM, system interrupts, etc etc
after to have SOLD the docking station that as to all of us don't work properly with its displayport like the mdp on the device,

I started to use 100% of my sp3 for work and since 3/4 days I have many hours of job when the cpu is below 10/12% of usage with the fan practically silent! It's something I never experienced even with the lowest and silent fan laptop I had.

With i5 can go even better, with lower temperature of 3/4 degrees in average and so even less need to fan usage to cool the cpu.

It's really something magic, the future is arrived!!! too happy!!!

Of course it's the beginning of something, we can't pretend to have the best and powerfull machine to make rendering or use with high CPU usage tasks, but just to make an example I use it in finance with stocks and some software even in java taking a lot of resources, and I'm able to manage this, I have usually Skype open, one drive, 3 softwares (with charts), thunderbird reduced to incon, 2 mini software for poker statistics, and pokerstars open, I'm able to be constantly below 10% of cpu.

I was waiting this moment since 5/6 years at least, and I was not able to believe anymore to have something like this and with zero decibel fan rumor like I'm having write now while I write you... I just feel the rumor of my finger typing right now!



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the fan will only give some sound under heavy duty, like big 3d games, large amount of windows updates, other than that, you can't hear a thing, you can feel the warmth.

it's the best windows hybrid, ever.


I agree. I've never heard the fan, period. I thought it wasn't working (really couldn't feel the breeze from the vents that I expected when it heated up), but if I put my sp3 up to my ear I can hear it going. Some people complained of fan noise in the beginning, but it's been no problem at all for me.


I'm amazed they even managed to fit a fan in this beastie. Mine's the i5 4GB version.

I've heard it humming a little bit once, when I literally put my ear right up to the vent (was a rather hot day). Surprisingly Microsoft Sudoku, of all things, makes it run quite warm...

Two other times I've heard it go full throttle (a very obvious high-pitched whirring). Once during one of the Windows updates, another time when I was installing Autodesk Fusion 360 (kinda expected).

Overall I think the metal body does a very good job of dissipating heat, and I constantly remind myself that it's a honest-to-goodness laptop processor in there.


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Thank you guys for giving me confidence I wasn't going completely deaf. When it seemed like the majority of users were complaining about loud fan noise and I never have heard the fan, I thought there was something wrong with my ability to hear a fan or there might be something wrong with my Surface. I feel much better now.
I've never heard the fan, period.

I really do enjoy my SP3, but I just don't see how this is possible based on my observation of my SP3 (and mine alone...). I don't mean to single you out since lot's of others have made similar statements. My fan seems to have settled over time, but it is not unusual for me to hear that thing kick into high gear under low to moderate loads, and my hearing is mediocre. I am by no means calling you or others liars. I think there is a pretty wide range of (in)consistancy from unit to unit, which is unfortunate. It just amazes me that some of you have units that are whisper quiet, while others like myself hear the fan quite audibly and often from across the room at times.

I have learned to accept the fan noise, but perhaps I should consider replacing my SP3 as it's obvious that some units are capable of being consistently quiet. Mine is not.