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SP4 and external monitor


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Good morning.
I have a big issue when connecting the external monitor via the SP4 docking station (samsung 32").
The Wifi connection always get lost. Disconnectin the Docking, the Wifi is available again.
Very annoing situation.
Any possibile solution?
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This sounds like a dock issue, possibly. Is the SP4 expecting to have a hard connection via the ethernet port when docked? (Mine always has the hardline when docked, so - if it's an issue - I haven't noticed it)


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I read somewhere that there are issues with USB 3.0 and 2.4 GHz wifi. If you are doing data transfer over USB 3.0, it will cause interference with 2.4GHz wifi and also with peripherals such as wireless mouse. I have experienced this problem with mouse on my Dell laptop.

Somebody posted a similar problem with dock and they were recommended to try 5 GHz wifi. I am using dock with 5GHz, so far didn't face any issues. I don't have any USB devices except mouse/keyboard connected to the dock though.