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"SP4 batteries & TypeCovers are dropping like flies"


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Has anyone read this article in ComputerWorld? It's dated February 7, 2018. It's by Woody Leonhard. It talks about the screen flickering, the batteries dying prematurely and, "in some cases, the TypeCovers turn into boat anchors."

I just had my SP4 replaced by Microsoft in December because the battery was not holding the charge even when it was powered off. I was lucky that it was still under warranty. I'm not having any problems with the battery, or the screen flickering, or the TypeCover at present. I got a new (or probably refurbished) SP4. It's working fine, but it worries me that these issues are happening and Microsoft does not seem to be responding. These problems may show up after the new warranty expires. The Surface Pros are rather expensive. I researched before buying it and it was recommended by Consumer Reports. Now it turns out they retracted their recommendation. It seems that Microsoft is not responding to the issues that are being reported by the users. I would just like to hear what other users have to say.


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Absolutely fine here, bought on launch.

As to consumer report, i seem to recall that the methodology used in their research was utterly flawed making their conclusions meaningless