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SP4 m3 squealing electrical noise


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I bought the SP4 since it was fanless. To me fanless with SSD would imply totally silent.

In the past week, I've noticed an electrical / squealing noise that seems like it is coming from the lower right corner of the SP4. No change if I unplug the Type4 keyboard....

Can anyone else hold theirs to their ear to see if they hear a similar noise? I am nearing the end of my 30 day return period. I'd feel embarassed returning if it was a normal; but I'd feel stupid for not returning if it is the sign of a bigger issue.. Display or power shielding issue?
Id suggest using a decibel meter to measure this noise because some people wont be able to hear it and others it will be faint or not.

For example you can get a Decibel (Db) meter App for your phone. Then turn it on and run the mic over the Surface in a grid pattern and around the edges noting any spikes in the noise levels.
There's a noise thats more like... a very very quiet hard drive clicking sound. (Its not actually that obviously, because its and SSD, but thats what it sounds like). This is only noticeable in totally silent rooms, and when you are near the device.

It's also on every single SP4 model (well... its been confirmed on the M3 and the i5, noone who has spent the money on an i7 has admitted to it yet but I'm willing to bet it's on there too). Seems to just be the way it is. No-one knows what is causing it, but if you go into settings and disable the microphone array... the noise changes. It doesn't stop, it just changes pitch slightly.

It's a weird thing. Interference perhaps. But all SP4's have it. Some people seem to say their's is louder/quieter, so if yours is noticeable even in a non-silent room, and it bugs you, might be worth trying an exchange.

As I have a really good screen for light bleed, im not going to risk it right now.
Well, I don't hear it, it might be there, but I don't hear it. :)

What is the frequency of this noise?

Can you record it?