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SP4 Newbie - Hello!


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I'm a Suraface Book newbie - not just new to me, but new to my department and also relatively underused in my organisation, so not help in the real world - hence my foray here.
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Nothing wrong with being new. We all have been and could be again so welcome to the forum. Don't be shy there are lots of knowledgeable folks around here who will be glad to help answer any questions you come up with on your SP4.


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Fixed the monitor issue I was having - hoorah - and realised I DON'T have a SP 4, which is what I thought I'd ordered, but a Surface Book (took putting it side-by-side with a colleague's SP4 to realise) #highlyembarassed #notREALLYditzyfemale

So, can I update my reflect my correct device (and hide my stupidity)? If so how? Or am I being ditzy again...

Anyway, as for the monitor, a Samsung S22E650 works perfectly, in comparison to the DELL 2016 which definitely didn't. I also found out that leads cause more problems than the monitors!!
So thanks for the support - just knowing it's there helped!