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Speak of Coffee, how do you like yours: Black, Cream, Flavored Creamer or Sugar?


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Speaking of Coffee, how do you like yours: Black, Cream, Flavored Creamer or Sugar?

How do you take yours? Any special brand? Brew Method?

I take it via Auto-Drip and a little 50/50 and that's it. You?

Off to get a fresh brewed cup.... I just made it downstairs and the aroma just reached me here in my office. Man fresh brewed coffee makes me happy. :D

P.S. If you don't drink coffee.. What the hell is wrong with you?
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I use a cafetière when at home. I prefer arabica coffee beans which I grind at home. At home, I sweeten my coffee with some unrefined sugar and occasionally will stir in some semi-skimmed milk. When I am out, if I can get it, I prefer a strong Columbian roast, which I drink black and often unsweetened. If I can't get this, then I drink whatever coffee is available with the least effort!!!!

Now, if you were talking about whisky, then it would either be Laphroaig or Oban (no ice, no water, no nothing - two fingers at a time!). If I can't get these, then it really doesn't matter (this applies to whisky only though!).

Edit: I should have added that in the blended whisky's I do enjoy the sweetness of Royal Salute.
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I tend to be more of a beer and wine guy myself, but when I do indulge in the spirits its usually Vodka. We have free coffee at work but unless I am the one to make the pot, I just find it too weak for my taste.

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