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  1. A

    Battery life poor: machine not turning off

    I have a SPro 6, running Windows 10 Home version 1803. The main issue I have with it is that it doesn't turn off, which means that unless I'm very careful and shut it down myself, it stays on and uses battery power, even though the power settings are set to sleep after 5 minutes. This morning...
  2. D

    Battery Life down to 90 minutes SP3

    My SP3 is maybe 4 years old now and the battery life is atrocious. All I have open is Google Chrome with about 8-10 tabs and I usually just watch YouTube of Hulu videos or maybe an MLB game through the browser. I'm lucky to get 90 minutes to two hours of battery life. I have all the power...
  3. S

    SPro 3 issues with charging port and battery performance

    tl:dr charging port issues and battery issues. I bought a used SPro 3 back in May 2017 to replace one that had a cracked screen. It has worked great until last weekend when someone tripped over the charging cable and it was forcibly removed from the unit, and now has the plastic shielding...
  4. S

    Battery life in Surface Pro 4 Pen

    I bought a SP 4 about two years ago and since the orginal battery ran out (after about a year), I've had to replace the battery about every two weeks, even though I'm barely using it. I was wondering if any one else had encountered this problem and whether there is a solution? Will Microsoft...
  5. S

    New Surface pro (5) battery issue

    My new surface pro's battery only last 5-6 hours, is it normal? And I also got the auto hibernate issue.:(
  6. B

    i7 Surface book Battery consumption

    Just bought the new i7 16gb 512 gb HD with performance base. With a full charge the tablet without dock gets less than an hour of battery life and this is on power saving mode while I am simply sketching. Not to mention it gets hot, like almost to hot to hold hot. Right now I am just surfing...
  7. M

    Since Win 10 Anniv, SP3 shuts down without warning

    My surface pro 3 turns off without warning, although I have turned on the battery warnings in power settings (at 15%) It happened today after 30s of Windows usage at 11am, so I plugged it in to charge. Ran the battery report a few hours later: 2016-10-11 12:27:38 Active...
  8. D

    New Sleep Problems with June Update - "Surface" App is the culprit

    Hello everyone, I'm new here, I was very pleased with the battery drain in sleep since the June update, getting around 3% drain overnight, but now since a week ago I'm back up to right around 20% drain. The Bluetooth hardware will not enter sleep state, in the sleep study under FX Devices >...
  9. LaramieJoe

    SP3 versus MacBookAir - My Thoughts

    So, I keep a MBA next to my LazyBoy (aptly named) for quick research on IMDB, etc. I keep an SP3 in my briefcase for work and travel. Some observations: The MBA wakes from sleep instantly when the cover is opened. The SP3 never does. I have to tap the power button. The MBA power supply turns...
  10. J

    How to make the i5/i7 SP4 fanless

    Hi everyone! I am wondering, is there a way to make the Surface Pro 4 with i5/i7 processors fanless? Sometimes my SP4 (I do not know why) even when just surfing with opera (not even playing videos) or reading PDFs starts to heat and turns on the fan. This can be pretty annoying and even...
  11. R

    89% to 36% battery just using PowerPoint and OneNote for 72 minutes

    I have an i7 SP4 and have been using battery consumption issues. Yesterday I went (according to Powercfg report) from 89% to 36% battery just using PowerPoint and OneNote for 72 minutes. For much of the time I was simply showing slides. I called Microsoft support and was advised to uninstall and...
  12. L

    Trick to reduce battery drain in sleep!

    Ok, seen this discussed over at Reddit so can't take credit for this. If you install the Hyper-V feature in Windows 10 on your Surface Pro 4 and reboot as prompted after the install you should now see your Surface Pro 4 enter Low Power mode (DRIPs) during Connected Standby sleep and see a lower...
  13. J

    Battery loses 20%+ per day even when in sleep

    Hello all, I've recently purchased a surface pro 4 I7 256GB. One thing I've noticed is that even when I put the device to sleep, it loses about 20% battery per day, sometimes over 30%. I noticed this in the first week or two so I've actually tested it over the last few days - put the device...
  14. S

    Battery Life and Recharge Time

    Hi All, I have a Surface Pro 4 - i7 8GB 256GB. So far, I had Windows Hello off. I usually run: 1) Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome with several tabs, one of them is streaming video/music. 2) Visual Studio or some other IDE. 3) Skype 4) Explorer 5) Mail App I get 2.5 to 3:25 hours out of the...
  15. K

    Surface Pro1 battery problem

    Hi guys, I bought a MS SPro1 recently, with a power cover, but to be honest the battery life of the power cover is far from my expectations, it last less than 2 hours with 25% light and power saver mode (win 10). The CPU is no on high usage, I usually pin it to the front and sometimes it hits...
  16. E

    After TH2 Update: Battery drain /battery life in sleep mode much worse than before

    Hi there! After the TH2 update I recognized a much worse battery life espacially while sleep times on my Surface Pro 4 (i5, 8GB Ram). I read a lot about battery drain issues before but I did not have that issue. But now after the Treshold 2 update it seems to be finally there. I recognize about...
  17. G

    Battery drain while connected to power?

    Hi, I noticed, that my SP3 looses some percent of battery when it is under heavy load although it's connected to power all the time, examply some time of gaming. I start at 'Charged (100%)' and when I return to the desktop after maybe one hour, the battery-symbol says 'Charging (95%)'. Is...
  18. silkrooster

    Minecraft draining battery...

    Has anyone else noticed a large drain on the battery. Currently I am lucky if I get 2 hours out of the battery. It is probably more like an hour to hour and a half. I believe it is due to the fan running the entire time. Watching video via hdmi cable on a TV usually gets about 4 hours of run time.