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Standby/Sleep mode.

[1] Are Standby and Sleep the same thing?
[2] I don't want to turn off the SP2 after every use. So I just press the power button at the upper corner. Sometimes, I forget to press the button, and instead just fold up the power cover against the screen. Is the result the same either way?



By default, yes, both of those will result in sleep mode for the surface.

You can change the behavior in the power options if you wish.


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The Surface Pro and Pro 2 supports the following Power States:

Power On (S0)
Power Off (S5)
Sleep (S3) (this is sometimes referred to as Standby)
Hibernate (S4)

The Surface RT, Surface 2 and Surface Pro 3 supports the newer Power State:

Connected Standby (S0iX) - This is modified for the SP3 which allows for (S4)
Power-off (S5)

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