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Picture password weirdness


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Hey everyone, my SP2 does something weird that my SP1 never did. I use a picture password to log in. On occasion (I'd say 1 out of 20 times), I'll tap the first position on my picture and I'll see a line stretch from the top right corner to where my finger tapped. It's like I'm tapping the 2nd part of the password instead of the first and it thinks the first was in the corner.

This, off course, messes up my password and I have to start again. It's no biggie but I just wondered if anyone else has seen this. On my SP1, I had it set to sleep when I pressed the power button or closed the cover because battery was so precious. With the SP2, it just suspends. On occasion, I've seen it turn back on once I fold the cover shut so maybe it's powering back on and registering contact from the cover or something? I'll keep playing with it.
I've never used a picture password but I've seen this happen on other things. For those programs at least, it didn't really effect what I was doing. I don't have a fix though as it appears completely random!