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Stardock Decor8


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Is anyone else using Decor8 from Stardock? I wanted a way to change the background of my start screen and Decor8 provides this along with some other cool features. I find that when the Surface is plugged in, everything runs great and the parallax scrolling works fine.
When I'm on battery and using the power saver profile, the parallax scrolling is jittery. Has anyone else noticed this? I'm sure Stardock is doing something with their scrolling as the default Win 8 does parallax scrolling on power saver just fine. Overall, I really like the program and for a work around, have disabled the scrolling. Has anyone else come across this?
I use thei objectdock. I needed to enhance the taskbar while I use the pro as a tablet in desktop. I also tried there new modernmix, which had a few bugs and seemed to take a toll on my batt so I uninstalled it. Now I wish they would come up with an app to change the desktop apps to the metro screen or the exact opposite of modernmix- I would def pay for that.:crazy: