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Steve Ballmer is retiring from MS

Was pretty shocked to read about this, especially after the big Microsoft change around recently. Anyway, I kinda liked the guy... but not as bad as old Bill leaving! Who's next do you reckon?
No idea. I swear, if they kill Surface and Metro, I'm done with Microsoft. They are on to something good right now despite what the naysayers say. I hope they don't start listening to investors who only care about the next quarterly report and keep the focus on the long term payoff.
I think at this point it has to be someone external. They have already said pretty bluntly that they are forming a commitee to search for a new CEO. I do not think anyone inside the company has what it will take to move them forward now. Some fresh AIR thinking at the top will REALLY help. Ballmer didn't decide to retire. Windows 8 and the devices and just about everything else has been a complete disaster, he had to go. As a shareholder of an insignifigant number of shares I am glad to see it.
Whoever is the next CEO, Bill Gates needs to like and trust him or he won't be hired. Bill G. owns the most stock and is Chairman of the Board. Also very few Executives brought in from the outside (OK one Kevin Turner) have lasted for very long at Microsoft because of the structure and culture of MS. Tony is new in role and is well liked so he has a good chance, so does Tami Reller. Outsiders that I think would do well, Ford's current CEO, also MS Alums such Bob Muglia, J Allard or even Ray Ozzie.