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Strange Bug: Likened to Holding SHIFT Down... Any Clue?


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So, I'd say perhaps every once or twice per week at some random time from brining my SP3 off sleep, or just after idle for a really long time (not sure which condition its ocurring under) Ill try to click on something on my desktop, and instead of being able to click on just ONE icon each one i click it highlights it,as if im holding down the SHIFT key while clicking.

When I click on Chrome in my taskbar, instead of opening resuming the current running one it'll open a new instance, just as if im holding down the SHIFT key whilst clicking...

I've tried everything, but notihng seems to alleviate the problem until a restart is performed. This quirk also occurs when SP3 is docked and a separate keyboard is being used..

Any idea what may be happening here?


if you type on the keyboard, is the case of the characters changed from what would be normal, depending on the state of your capslock key?