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SP3 Periodically Unresponsive at Startup


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This is a problem that has plagued me for months to the point where I just want to buy another tablet it is so irritating. I turn on my SP3 (running Windows 10) and swipe up the start screen. The first thing I see is an error message telling me that Office 365 cannot connect, which tells me that there is no internet. I try to click on a program icon on the taskbar (e.g. Word or IE) and nothing happens regardless of how many times I click. If at this point I go away and cook dinner and come back, I find that the program I clicked on does open eventually (after about 10-20 min) and in fact several copies open if I clicked on the icon several times. If instead I click on shut down, the blue shut down screen appears and the circular waiting dots continue round and round forever. Instead of waiting, I usually do a hard shut down by holding down the on/off button. After waiting a few seconds, I press the on/off button once as normal to start my SP3. Nothing happens, and regardless of how many times I press the on/off button, it will not start for about 5 min. No light on the keyboard, no flicker on the screen, just nothing for 5 min. Has anyone had this kind of experience with SP3? It seems like something takes over the computer when it starts and just locks it up, even when I try to restart it. I run Kaspersky Total Security and now regularly use PC Mechanic to remove any redundant links in the registry file, performance issues and stealth startup programs that I don't need. The problems started when running Windows 7 (before upgrading to Windows 10) and I installed a driver for my printer (from the manufacturer's website). I have since of course removed the printer install but the problem remains. This problem happens every 3-4 times that I start the computer, so it is a real pain. Any ideas on this?


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Save your data and reset the device.
Thanks, yes, I have been debating doing that, but it's such a big chore to reinstall all the software and set everything up again. Just wondered if anyone recognised the symptoms and could suggest an easier fix.


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One other thing: Windows Defender - as an anti virus - seems to be ok. Often I have heard it recommended to use that, which I do. External AVs sometimes slow down a system drastically. Further, I am not sure it is common practice to use utilities like PC Mechanic. Sometimes, if again I believe what I have read at various places, often these utilities do more harm than good.

Either way, given that you are having such issues with your device, perhaps the best option - though initially painful - would be to reset and start anew.

But as in everything, YMMV. Good luck and I do hope things work out for you.


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Your first statement you made that after turning on your computer and you swipe the screen and than you get an error message about Office 365. The first thing that happens after turning on any Surface I've ever setup is that it asks for me to log in. Are you starting from a powered off position?