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Strange problem with bootable devices


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I think I have a virus on my surface pro 3. Since it will revive, after I've done a full scan, I wanted to boot from a bootable antivirus disc.

That did not work, because I had secure boot enabled, thus I only got a white screen (why is there no message from secure boot?).

So I disabled secure boot and tried to start the bootable device once again. I did get further with that, the bootable device booted and tried to start the Avira Rescue System, but eventually, I got a black screen and nothing happened anymore.

I thought... maybe the bootable device just has some error, so I tried it with both a dvd and a usb stick and I got the same result. I also tried to use the bootable usb-drive on another pc and it worked just fine.

That means I have a problem now. I don't want to reinstall my operating system since I can't know that a bootable OS installation disc will work.

What could be the cause of my problem? Do I have some hardware problems? And if yes, what tools should I use to test where the problem is?