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Bricked SP3 RAW file system I/O device error


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Hi. My friend "cleaned" SSD on Surface Pro 3 trying to reinstall windows 10 and something went wrong. The condition when I got the Surface is:

When trying to reinstall Win 10 from a bootable usb with iso, it hangs with hourglass at "Setup is starting" forever after choosing the language.
Diskpart shows I have partitions with all RAW file system and not able to clean, convert or format or anything due to I/O device error.
According to detail in diskpart, it is not locked or protected.

I can see files in the system partition with Gparted with Ubuntu (not installed due to the same I/O device error) but not able to delete, clean or format.
All recovery methods with recovery USB do not work.

I read somewhere that I need to change SATA mode to AHCI but since SP3 used UEFI with limited choice, I don't know how to do that.

I have a feeling that this is not caused by damaged SSD or bad connection and hope that there is a way to fix this problem. I appreciate it if you can suggest anything.

Thank you.
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