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stylus pen and appliction use

I don't use my stylus pen as it doesn't seem useful
Can any body tell me what application they use it for unless you want to draw otherwise if you have a keyboard i don't see the need for it.
Unless you know something i don't


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DrawboardPDF for annotating PDF documents, OneNote for Note taking during meetings where typing is considered rude, PowerPoint to annotate slides while presenting or teaching. Reviewing Word Documents, Highlighting eBooks, use as a mouse when standing and cover isn't a viable solution...


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OneNote for taking notes in class.
Best thing since slice bread. You can type as you normally do, and when comes special symbols, diagrams, charts, sketches, math, physics, chemistry drawings, you name it, you can in a sec, turn your SUrface Pro 2 into a tablet, and do what you need to do, and return back to keyboard typing.

OneNote is the ultimate note taking software, in my books. Nothing comes quite close to it.
OneNote. (Be sure to get the DESKTOP version, the Metro version is missing pretty important features.)

Entering text via handwriting when I don't have enough space to type. I prefer handwriting to the on-screen keyboard about half the time, depending on the exact task and how I am seated.

Tapping on teeny tiny UI elements, instead of trying to use my finger.

Mouse replacement in games, when I am playing in a space that is too small for mouse or unfolding the TypeCover to use its trackpad. For example, when seated on the bus on the way home from work.

I love the stylus, but it may not be for everyone.


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Playing games on a bus where there isn't room for a mouse, most notably Diablo 3 which can be played completely without the keyboard (albeit not as quickly).


I don't use my pen very much too, but I do consider the pen very useful. In fact I have two for convenience...love the pen when I need it.

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