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Surface 2 32gb or Asus Transformer Book T100


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looking to get one of these for a gift. I know the build quality is better on the surface 2 but the T100 has a full 8.1 OS
like the idea of a full os at least I know there will be no issues with web browsing or video playback mkv
windows RT vs Full windows
no keyboard vs included
1080p vs 720p
450 vs 399
tegra vs baytrail
nice screen vs meh screen
speakers no idea first gen surface RT not impressed no idea if they improved them
no idea on the T100 for speakers
not a huge deal he'll be using headphones mostly
main use will be youtube and internet browsing and a few light games
if you have other suggestions let me know trying to keep it under $450 in Canada
I do own both a pro 2 and RT so I know those very well
rt was a nightmare to get updated 7 hours and lots of work arounds
hoping the surface 2 won't be like that if I go that way.
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Surface 2 with ARM will have less issues with Connected Standby then any of the Bay Trail ATOMs. It comes down to if there is an expectation for legacy Win32 Applications, if so go with T100.
light web browsing ,youtube and "some" games (depends what you mean by some games) then the answer is simple, the surface 2!
I do not have any problems, mayor problems in browsing and neither playing MKV (beside issues with subtitles).