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My surface 2 can't open games.


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Hey guys, this my first thread on these forums. So I just bought a surface 2 and I downloaded a few games like the new top gear game and trolls vs vikings. But everytime I try to open the games, I only get to the developers name screen before I get booted back to the desktop screen. I can't figure out why it's happening. I mean these games shouldn't be that hard on the Tegra 4 processor. Anyone know why this is happening?


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Hi there! I'm new here as well, trying to pick up a few tips and tricks for my Surface 2. Have you managed to solve your problem with the games by now? I guess my only suggestions would be to uninstall / reinstall the games, and also check for any updates from the Windows Store and for Windows RT. I know there are a few System restore tools as well, that you can try out, if you haven't customized your Surface to much already.


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Maybe try some different games... didn't see a review on top gear, Trolls vs Vikings has some high ratings but they give upgrades for good reviews so its suspect... Try a top rated Free game with no less than 1000 reviews, see how that goes.

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