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Surface 2: Color banding on start menu tiles?


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Anyone else have slight vertical banding on the start menu tiles? I didn't notice it when I got my Surface yesterday... but I'm noticing it today.

I don't notice it any other places but on the plain colored tiles. Very slight color banding. Now that I've noticed it its driving me crazy. Does anyone else have this issue?

I'll try to take pictures later. I think I may send it back to the Microsoft store and pick one up locally.



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Tried to take a picture with my iphone. I never thought to try taking a screenshot to see if its captured there.. :p

Turns out its really freaking hard to take a picture of...


You can sort of see it on the left side of the tile here..




I dont know if you can see the line going down the middle of green tile.
Thats not the iphone camera.. its the tile. :p

I'll try to take some better pictures tonight
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Yes, mine does this as well. I've read that there are some known problems with the current video drivers that are being worked on so perhaps these issues will/can be corrected.


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Just buy a piss poor Samsung monitor like me then you get banding on everything you do! Can't wait to get rid of it...