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Surface 2 price cut


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Microsoft cut prices on all models of the Surface 2 by $100.

According to Microsoft, the new pricing is good from August 24 to September 27, or "while supplies last,"...

Microsoft has three Surface 2 tablets currently on offer, and the with the price cuts they are as follows:
•Surface 2 32GB wi-fi only: $349
•Surface 2 64GB wi-fi only: $449
•Surface 2 64GB LTE only: $579


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Pretty sweet deal for anyone wanting to get something better than an iPad or the usual other tablets. Microsoft should really step up in getting the Surface products everywhere else. The latest news is they added some 25 countries to distribute to. Mine is not included, had to go out of my way getting the Surface 2 in Japan with a Japanese version of the Type Cover and spent some time translating the initial setup.