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surface 2 randomly shutting down.


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This just started today. It happed a few times in the past hour or so. I checked the event log and there were event 41 kernel error.

The first time it happened I thought I accidently hit a keyboard shortcut. Then it happened a couple more times. I changed my power cord back to the Microsoft one, I was using my spare and it seemed to be charging intermittently, either from not being seated in the tablet, or my extension cord.

I also changed my mouse and am using my Bluetooth mouse.

In my brief research an error of that type of error is some kind of hardware failure. My surface has run flawlessly until the last hour! The event log shows 4 of these errors!

I am backing up some files as I type this while being plugged in with my original cord. Should I be worried? Could this just be a malfunctioning cord? It seemed to work fine till now.


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4 times in an hour.... just run it on battery for a while without the external mouse or keyboard see how that goes.