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Surface 2 Freezes and Apps Shuts Down Unexpectedly


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Hi all,

Just got my surface 2 for some office work on the go, and I am very excited so far.

After a couple days of using it, I have found some problems with it, not sure if other members in this forum have experienced the same thing.
  1. After leaving my Surface 2 sleeps for the while, I have problems waking it up. The screen just stays off, and I have to do a soft restart by holding the power key. This year happened to me 3 times already in the span of 2 days. And each time after I have powered it on, it says it was doing some update and configurations.
  2. Another scenario is that after I have been working on my surface 2 for a while (having multiple apps and windows opened: Outlook, Gmail, evermore, dropbox, excel, etc.) and then leaving it for a brief moment of a few minutes, the tablet goes to sleep, and when I wake it up, all my apps crashed and nothing was opened, as if it was restarted.
Anyone had these experiences? Any solution?

Thank you,