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Surface 2 Reviews and videos


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I am very impressed with now much faster Surface 2 is compared to the original. Take a look for yourself. Here's some videos and reviews.

Surface 2 Unboxing:

Surface 2 Internet Explorer Performance:

Surface 2 Quick Demo:

Quick demo2:

Battery Life/Gaming:
Surface 2 Printing


Power Connector comparison:

Kickstand new angle Usefulness while on a Plane:

Engadget Video Review:

The Verge Review:

Anandtech Review:


A Very Good Article I think people should read on Why Microsoft Didn't build A Surface 2 Using Baytrail

Mobile Tech Review video is on post #49 ;)
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Factual error in the Engadget Surface 2 video: She says that the 2GB RAM definitely helps the Surface 2 compared to Surface RT "1 GB"--except that Surface RT also had 2GB RAM. The speed improvement is mostly on the Tegra 4, which she doesn't mention.
Did the guy in the first video said he got it early from Argos in the UK?

And, one other question - this is about setting up a new unit. So, as you guys know I have the RT, which is synced to my desktop machine. Say I get the Surface 2, I want it to have the same name (PC name) as my current RT and exactly the same settings/ Start Screen set up etc. I currently have both my RT and the desktop machine to sync with SkyDrive, but not with each other (as it messes up the screens on both). So, how would this work?
It should be fairly simple as Panos demonstrated this in the launch event with his Surface. He did an example where he simulated his device being stolen and in only 8mins. Or so a new surface he was holding was completely synchronized and turned into an exact clone of the stolen device. The power of skydrive he said..lol
Anandtech quote on Surface 2 and Pro 2:
"Both devices remain the absolute best built Windows tablets/notebooks on the market"

I agree.

Another reason I like Anandtech detailed reviews, he talks about stuff no one mentions.

Some interesting facts on internals of Surface2. Although its still uses 2gb of ram, like before, it now makes use of 64bit wide bus. Meaning more info can pass at once. Then we know about the tegra4. Original RT used tegra3 but the fifith power saving core was never used. Well this time with tegra4 that fifth power saving core gets used.
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Well, after reading the AnandTech review, my mind is made up! I am getting the Surface 2 (with a purple Typecover)! But I will do so around the 3rd or 4th week of November.