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Solved Surface 3 Pen Problem


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I bought a Surface 3 Pen for my new Surface 3 (loving it, by the way) but am having a problem. The top button works to open OneNote, but when I try to write or draw or do anything else with the Stylus nothing happens. Windows 10 shows it paired, and I've swapped out the battery to see if that would fix the problem but it didn't.

Did I get a bum Pen or am I missing something?


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pairing is irrelevant. That is for nothing but the top button functionality. These pens are "plug and play". Find any S3/SP3/SP4/SB and it is designed to work instantly without having to do anything.

If the AAAA battery is good, then when you place the pen near the screen, you should see a small hovering dot cursor. If you don't then it means that your pen is faulty. Best bet is to get on live chat to MS and if my experience is anything to go by, you'll have a free one in the post in the next day or two and won't even have to return the old one. I assume when you say you swapped out the battery you mean the AAAA one, and not the cell batteries in the cap.


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Thank you for letting me know. I contacted MS support and after remotely trying to fix the problem they think the pen is faulty and sending me a replacement.


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I had an issue with the Pen and I kept deleting and connecting until it finnaly said the driver was corrupt. I then removed the Surface Pen under bluetooth in Device Manager and clicked find new hardware and the pen appeared. It rebooted and haven't had an issue in a month.