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Recently Purchased a SP3 Pen Alternative.. :)


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No pairing needed!
Only reason for pairing was for the button to work on the Surface Pro 3 pen I believe.

Also if needed you can attach the end (OneNote button) instead, but I choose not to because I find myself bumping it randomly on accident.

Attached is a picture the VGP-STD2 and both side by side.

The feel is just as premium and in fact better all due to the superior nib, seeming to be an easy fix if Microsoft offered something similar. Supported by a metal end which creates a more Stable and Reliable IAF (initial activation force). A picture is attached side by side.

Without getting detailed the pressure sensitivity is virtually the same, technically about 5 levels lower then the SP3 pen, but from my use it works just as good. Accuracy is the same, great except for when pen is tilted. The same issue haunted the SP3 pen. What I personally did since I am right handed and always draw at a tilt I calibrated the screen with palm on the screen and tilt and seemed to be a nice fix.

All and all the they are virtually the same pen, but the VGP-STD2 is more practical for digital artists.

What is nice about this new pen is there was not any setup needed. Just power it and Go. I'll update you if any issues or more pro that come to play.

Also fits in the Type Cover loop.. barely lol the ring on the tip makes it a very snug fit


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