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Surface Book 2 availability question


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Hi All,

I currently have a MacBook Pro (2012) and have decided to upgrade to a 15" Surface Book 2 (probably the 512GB model). Anyone have any idea - based on their experience with the original Surface Book - what availability is likely to be in the next six months? Normally I'd wait a few weeks before pulling the trigger - just to see what early user reviews say - but if this means then waiting six months for them to become available after the first batch are sold, I'll probably just pre-order and take my chances. Any thoughts? Do people think the 15" will be hard to find between release and end of the year / January?


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I have the same question, because I'm definitely picking up a 15-inch 512GB version. I tend to think it won't be hard t0o find at $2,500+, but then again we don't know how many Microsoft will make. My own purchase might be complicated by how quickly they add it to the Surface Plus purchase program, because I'm 95% sure that's how I'm going to buy it. They dropped the old Surface Book from the program, I'm hoping because they're just waiting for the new ones to become officially available.


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I do not remember any product from Microsoft Has been put to the market and then disappeared
Maybe for only a few days after the first batch is sold out but it takes months to become available again that it is not logical


I think the 15in SB2 will be available for preorder on the 9th in the US.
However outside of the US is anyone's guess. I want the 15in model as well, but don't want to wait until April for it in the yUK