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Surface Book 1 disk upgrade and battery replacement

Wayne Orwig

Active Member
I got a Book 1 when they were originally introduced. (and went through a couple of months of pain thinking it was a total disaster before they had the firmware bugs worked out)
Early this year I got a 15 inch Book 2. I wanted the larger screen, and 512GB instead of the 256GB drive.
The old Book has sat unused for all of those months. Well, it appears that the battery in the screen has gotten pretty weak, while sitting like that. So I ordered a replacement battery, and I am going to try my luck at lifting the screen to replace the battery.
I figure, while I am in there, maybe replace the drive too. I wouldn't mind having 512GB. Though most of my needs are satisfied by a large SD card in the keyboard so it is not important.

Does anyone know what specs I need to order for the drive?
Has anyone been through this and have any warnings?