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Surface Book 2 with dock and more screens


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Hello folks!

I m using a Surface Book 2 with the Microsoft Surface Dock, on that connected I have two Dell U34W15 screens. This working very good so far.

In the documentation Microsoft is mentioning support for maximum 3 screens, I wonder if I could add one U4919DW as well. The documentation speaks only from displays but not the size.

Guidance would be great


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Since the first Surface Book, my setup has been with 3 Dell U3014 monitors connected to the Surface Dock, all at maximum resolution of 2560x1600:
  • 2 connected to the Dock via DisplayPort.
  • 1 connected to the Dock via USB 3 (to U3014 DisplayPort); i.e., a using a DisplayLink adapter.
I now have a Surface Laptop Studio, same setup, except that I bought a Surface Dock 2 and I changed my two U3014 DisplayPort to Surface Dock DisplayPort cables to Surface Dock 2 USB C cables.