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Surface Book - more headaches


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I received the Surface Book yesterday and immediately gave it a full charge, then ran all the updates. As I started to use it I started seeing some issues. Although connected to the dock, the GPU would occasionally not show up. Other issues were screen flickering, audio controller disappearing, blue screening, no response from the touchpad, and locking up.

I tried a factory restore, but the problems persisted. This morning when I turned it on, all I got was a black screen. When I would touch the screen, it would leave circles on the screen. If I tried to swipe, it would leave white streaks on the screen.

I contacted support and they said it was just software issues and that it just wasn't updated; that there was no problem. I told them that I needed it replaced. They finally agreed but said I would have to wait until December 18 for a replacement!

I understand this is v. 1.0 of the Surface Book product, but you would think Microsoft would at least try to take care of the customer.


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Most (not all) of the issues have been resolved by applying updates while docked, and/or turning off auto brightness.


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I have heard that over and over again...and although I appreciate the gesture, it does not resolve issues that indicate hardware problems.


disabling hyper-v has fixed some screen issues, too.
at an elevated command prompt:
dism.exe /Online /Disable-Feature:Microsoft-Hyper-V
Try going to your local Microsoft Store. I went this afternoon and talked with the manager. They didn't have my specific unit in, but she said they would receive more stock on Friday. She told me that she will give me a call and gladly replace my unit, even if I bought it online. I was going to return it for a refund because it was a long way off for a replacement. I'm going to set it up in store just in case a problem persists.


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Great call tatornator12! The Microsoft Store was fantastic. I was able to exchange the bad surface book last night. Everything is running great now. Thanks again for the idea!

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