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surface book original can do 4k?


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so I have a 30 GB HEVC 4k movie and the audio plays fine but the video is choppy

I have the i5 8 GB original surface

is this file too much for my laptop to handle ??


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Are you using the Nvidia graphics card? You have to set up in the Nvidia control panel for the video player to use the nvidia. I believe everything defaults using integrated graphics and you have to change it to use Nvidia.


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no using Intel ...basically someone on Reddit said the surfsce can't handle it

surface can do 4k but the file shoudl be HEVC 265 ..also it can't handle Netflix 4k as Netflix requires kaby lake and not Skylake

ah well ..at least I have Netflix as part of my smart tv but prefer to use my PC as it's easier to navigate
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