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Microsoft Surface keyboard... what one do I need?


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I bought a Microsoft Surface off ebay. Not sure what the model is. Under the kickstand, it says Microsoft Surface Windows 8 Pro 128 GB. It has an i5 processor. I would like to get a keyboard for it. I'm thinking, by the pics I've looked at of newer surfaces, I think I bought an original surface. It works fine. But where can I get a keyboard for it? Everywhere I look, keyboards are for surface 2, 3 or 4. Nothing says original surface or surface 1 or just surface by itself.

Attached is a picture of the back logo if it helps at all identify the surface. Also attaching a picture of it... I tried to take it from an angle so you can see the width plus thickness of it.


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So, I went to Best Buy to see if they had a keyboard today. They had a keyboard sitting in their kiosk in the computer area that for whatever reason, was unstockable and uninventoriable. So they said I could have it. It fits perfect. It's magnetic. It hits the contacts perfect. The size is exactly the size of the tablet. It looks like it's meant for it. It back lights when connected. But it doesn't work. I hit keys and it does nothing. I even factory wiped it and still nothing.