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Surface Book - Which Model?


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One issue with the 128 gb is they say you should only filla SSD to 75% of capacity with mean a 128 is more like 96 GB.


after some thoughts, I decided to hold on the SP3 for a little longer..... and bought a new SP4 keyboard and 200GB microSD card as an update

I think you made a wise decision, I love my Surface Book but it's a flawed device. Detachment of screen has garnered issues, can't get more than an hour of battery life out of the clipboard without dimming screen and enabling power saver, GPU is not very powerful, tons of software issues along the way (Although most are gone), no ports on clipboard, docking station results in screen flicker, key lighting has bad viewing angles, etc.

I lost a degree of simplicity moving from the Surface Pro line to the Surface Book, but for what I was doing I needed 16gb of RAM and 1tb of storage and could benefit from the GPU so I went with it. Once again extremely pleased with my Surface Book great device, but just like the Surface Pro 1 it has room for improvement. It took Microsoft three generations to get the Surface Pro right but with Microsoft not holding it's next event until quarter 2 of next year has me thinking that the next Surface Book will make a huge leap in the right direction. I'd hold off till then if I were you.