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Surface Book with new dock


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For $2 (two dollar) you can buy a really nice stand at IKEA:

FANTASTISK Napkin holder for 50 napkins - IKEA


Some more Pictures: オシャレなMacBook Airのスタンドは、IKEAに行って299円で買え!


Could use a sock or other to raise the edge of the tablet off the desk :) not very elegant though.

In my situation, i've loads of space behind my device on the desk, so i'd just turn the laptop around with the keyboard pointing to the back of the desk, with the tablet reversed. This has always been an issue for me and docking laptops, it sucks due to the footprint. Why the SP3 was so great.

I will try that option. I may have enough room to flip it with the keyboard toward the wall.


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I thought about this as well as I was assessing whether I'd prefer a SP4 or the Surface Book. Like many of you I realized how nice the SP is on the desk in its dock. If I had the SB, I'd probably dock it with the keyboard facing the rear of the desk and the screen reversed and facing out. In this configuration it wouldn't take up a whole lot more room than the SP in the docking station with the cables it has sticking out the back.


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Your desk is strikingly similar to mine! And that looks very much like the monitor I just picked up last week :) U3415W? Although I've also a 24" where your book is connected to an S3. Alas I can't achieve such a clean look, I've 4 drawers with which to contain my whole life, so my desk is littered with trinkets and such.

Looks good!!