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Surface Book Glitches With External Monitors and Dock

Jase Elliot

New Member
I currently run 2 - 22" Wide Flat Panel Dell monitors (2208WFPt) connected to the surface book dock. My issue is that when I disconnect and reconnect the dock my display glitches big time. (large fonts, rearranged icons, tool bar icons disappearing) I can eventually get it right by unplugging the dock a few times or restarting my computer but its a major pain especially if I have a back to back meeting. What is the deal? I feel the computer is reinstalling everything plugged into the dock every instance and cannot handle the configuration of the hardware to go back to the exact way it was. If so something needs to be done to make this surface book versatile enough to use with a dock instead of settling for a dock that is not really meant to be unplugged hourly, daily, or etc... This has been the case with previous Surface editions. (My cry for help..sigh)