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Help the Surface Community out by posting a quick review of your Microsoft Surface Case!
Incipio sent me an email announcing their Microsoft Surface Sleeve:


It looks nice & simple -- perfect if all you want to carry is your Surface tablet. I didn't see any hint of a shoulder strap in the video, but it looks like a high quality case, and the first I've seen from a 3rd party vendor for this device.

PS. I have already ordered the red Touch Cover for the Surface RT, so this may be the start of an all black & red theme for my new tablet.
I bought an 11" Prostyle Sleeve from Brenthaven.com. Shipping took two days and there was no shipping charge. It has an extra pocket for a cell phone. Very high quality sleeve. They also have Courier bags for those who want to carry chargers, etc.
I also picked up a Prostyle sleeve from Brenthaven. Its really well designed and fits my surface nice and snug. I highly recommend this sleeve. case.JPGcase2.JPG


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I also picked up a Prostyle sleeve from Brenthaven. Its really well designed and fits my surface nice and snug. I highly recommend this sleeve.

Ha, I got the same exact case from the MS store. It's a bit too big for the surface by itself, but it's a good fit with the type cover attached. Without the cover, the tablet slides around too much, the cover's texture makes it more snug. It's a very, very well built sleeve, especially the padding on the inside.
I took the plunge and ordered the Nixon case from the Microsoft website. I'll post a review as soon as it comes.

update: I got one of the Nixon cases for free at the Microsoft kiosk on Friday when we got my wife a Surface. I would say it's a great day case but wont hold an extra keyboard or the charger comfortably. If you leave the house with your Surface fully charged, then it's a great sleeve/case. For overnight trips or travelling, something with more storage might be better. I'm going to keep looking for a travel case in addition to the Nixon sleeve.
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I ended up getting this Case Logic sleeve. It's actually made for a MacBook Air. Although I preferred a bit of a harder type case, this one actually works just fine. With the MacBook Air being slightly larger (less than an inch more in width and height), the Surface fits perfect with very little wiggle room. The sleeve has a nice and secure velcro flap and is water-resistant.

Case Logic SSMA-311
I received my WaterField Tablet Ultimate Sleeve Case from SFBags last night. I think it is a great option. Here's my review:

Packaging - It came in a plastic envelope inside a plastic FedEx envelope. The FedEx envelope looked like it had been run over by a truck. Seriously, there were tire tracks on it. The inside envelope was torn a bit, but the case itself did not receive any damage. For such a high quality product, I think SFBags would do well to put their bags/cases in a cardboard box.

Design – The case looks great, although a bit in the rugged side versus a more refined look. I chose the brown leather trim as opposed to the Lead Indium. The flap is secured with heavy duty Velcro. There is very little chance of it accidentally opening. These cases come in a variety of sizes to accommodate different tablets. Their sizing chart recommends the 43-27 size for a naked Surface or with a Touch Cover. The fit is quite snug. If you are not careful, the edge of the cover could try to curl when inserting the Surface. I found that I just need to insert it with the magnet edge down. My only complaint about the design ascetic is the W|F logo on the front. It is a tad on the large side.

Build quality – The materials are all top shelf. The ballistic nylon is cover is nice and thick. The case is lined with Ultrasuede material that they claim is scratch free. And the leather trim is high quality leather. Very nice.

At around $70 after shipping, it is not the cheapest case out there. But I think the quality is excellent and well worth the price. I highly recommend it.


Edit: Oh, I forgot to mention another thing I like about this case. It is made in the USA. No offense to our global members, but I try to shop local when I can.
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