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The pictures indicate that it is a left shoulder bag, just like every other 'sling' ever made.

Is there a D-ring on the other corner to allow right shoulder use?

yes, you can wear it either way. there are rings on both sides.
also in the product description on Amazon:
Amazon.com: Solo Storm Collection Universal 10-Inch Tablet Sling (STM751-4): Computers & Accessories
91VsNnM0i3L__SL1500_ (318x400).jpg

"Padded adjustable sling strap can be clipped for left or right side use"
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A blue leather sling that holds the Surface with any kind of cover, mouse and assorted cables in the larger pocket. In the middle pocket you can have up to an 8" device, here represented by a Kindle and the smallest pocket holds your cellphone, power brick or similar items.
Hmm, wanted to attach a picture from my phone using Tapatalk, but I get an error message saying administrators have turned off that function. I'll edit it from a computer later.


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I've been reading the threads for a while, and I ask myself: Why aren't there many proper cases, like the Feather or Capture cases from Incipio? I'm really interested in cases! But I read SO MANY bad things about the Feather case, so I'm staying away from it. Currently I'm using tablet bag and then in my messenger bag it has an area that's cushioned to protect it while on the move. Another thing would be a decal, but some of them look so cheap and the "good ones" are rather expensive (and in the end, they're stickers). Arg...


Incipio sent me an email announcing their Microsoft Surface Sleeve:


It looks nice & simple -- perfect if all you want to carry is your Surface tablet. I didn't see any hint of a shoulder strap in the video, but it looks like a high quality case, and the first I've seen from a 3rd party vendor for this device.

PS. I have already ordered the red Touch Cover for the Surface RT, so this may be the start of an all black & red theme for my new tablet.

I put Incipio cases on my phones. They are the only case I'll spend "Whatever" the price for. Love them!


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Send me a defective one (freedom case) I don't care, just send the case already. Been waiting for this case since last August.
benjitek, would you happen to know if there is a version that works with the Power Cover? Last time I checked that was not an option or possible because of the thickness (almost twice as thick as regular type cover).

edit: I just emailed and hope to receive a reply soon.


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I use the Solo Storm bag
I finally go around to ordering one of these, just arrived today. Wow -- nice case, amazing how much you can fit into something that small. I like the idea of that pouch on the shoulder strap, but it's not quite big enough for much -- I'm sure I'll find a use for it someday, but for now I have a new favorite case ;-)


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Is this forum still alive?

I'm looking for a leather sleeve/folio for my Surface Pro 6 and wanted to share some thoughts...