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Surface Complete Question


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Hi all -

I got my brand new 128 GB Surface Pro on Saturday, and I was wondering what you think of Complete (the extended service plan). I know in general that they are not worth it, but I usually get them for piece of mind.

I've asked several people and gotten several different answers on this from MS employees at the MS store. Does Complete extend the warranty to two years? For example, I know I have to pay a $50 deductible if I drop and break it during both years to get a new one. But during the second year, if there's a manufacturer defect, do I have to pay the deductible just to get it serviced? If so, that would suck. I thought this would be similar to AppleCare+ for the iPad/iPhone, but if what I just said is true, then it's probably a no-go for me.

Any clarifications are appreciated.