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Surface Docking Speaker/Clock Stand Yet?


Still using my iPad on an alarm clock/speaker stand, w/remote control, as the main digital playback device.

Anybody hear ANY rumors on similar devices for either Surface varieties?

(Also, for general background information, are there any data/port capabilities through the keyboard connector on the Surface?)

Really like not having to have a desktop on all night, especially on fan noise and power use, but can't find any intel on whether or not the Surface will offer this kind of extended capabilities.


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No accessories like that for either Surface yet but I am sure they will come if Ms keeps the same docking connectors on Surface V2. More than likely nobody wants to commit to hardware accessories until they know MS isn't going to make changes. The connector should (and does with the keyboard and track pad) offer some data capabilities but the extent of that capability remains to be seen. MS has hinted at a dock but nothing more.

There are some alarm and clock apps in the store. I assume you would be using the charger overnight in such a situation but even if not the power draw should be minimal with a dim screen and only the clock running. The Pro will still discharge significantly even in sleep mode though so it probably doesn't make the best battery powered nightstand clock. The fans shouldn't need to come on at all.


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Alarm clock app + Bluetooth speaker or wired. I'm not a fan of docks. The surface without the keyboard makes a nice nightstand screen. Check out the app HD Alarm Clock.


My brother has one of these. It actually sounded surprisingly good, and held my RT beautifully.


MS needs one for Windows Phone 8 first. At least something that plays Xbox Music and recharges the phone at the same time.